Matt Holt
“As an individual, I’m a technologist by trade; an entrepreneur by nature, a problem solver by experience and a philosopher by existence. As a business owner, I have lived the IT world for over a decade, know how to survive the tough times and celebrate the good ones.”
Matthew G. Holt | President, Kishmish, Inc.

About Kishmish

Kishmish is a boutique information technology company headquartered in Syracuse, New York. Over the past 13 years Kishmish has honed its offerings into two major categories: Network Services and Web Services. The differentiation of these divisions has helped us better describe our wide range of offerings, when the truth of the matter is that we find ourselves often collaborating on mutual projects for the common good of our clients. Together, we offer both a wide perspective of IT needs, and the ability to run deep and on the cutting edge when asked to. Many of our clients ask the question, “Why are you headquartered in Syracuse?” The answer is simple; it is where many of us met and it is where our home is. If we do our job correctly and support ourselves as we support our clients, the location does not matter. Proof of this lies within our full-time team makeup, with members working remotely in Europe and New York City as well as partners across the nation helping us streamline our clients’ needs.

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Main Office: 217 Montgomery Street, 8th Floor
Syracuse NY 13202
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Phone: (315) 478-8172
Fax: (800) 375-3951
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Blogging such a simple word with so many perceived meanings. The purpose here is for our employees to share their expressions, ideas, feelings, or thoughts at a specific time, on a topic that extends beyond their inner circle. The outcome is intended to make the topic more social, start a conversation and act as a resource for future discussions.

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Kishmish is always looking for the best talent to contribute to our team. Our industry requires understanding of both cutting edge technology and what works today. After more than a decade of being in business we have learned that no one of us is smarter than all of us, and we are each encouraged to participate in and learn about all aspects of the Kishmish business. Employees do have a clear set of responsibilities that can grow as the employees’ skill set evolves. Kishmish prides itself on being a profitable and stimulating work environment. However, we know how to have a good time as well. We are currently expanding our Central New York presence with additional projects, primarily in the North East. If interested in career opportunities with us, please send information about yourself via our contact form. You need to help us get to know you so use the format you feel most comfortable in (Bio, Certifications, CV, Resume, Story, etc..). Remember the delivery is part of the message.



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